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How to Treat Hip Pain Without Surgery

Written By Heathrow Chiropractic on December 28, 2020

Hip Pain Treatment Hip pain makes it difficult to stand and walk, impeding your mobility. There are various causes for hip pain, including arthritis, bursitis (inflammation of the joints), and osteoporosis. The wear and tear of the joints associated with aging can also be to blame.

While hip replacement may alleviate discomfort, this is an intensive procedure and not recommended in all cases. The surgery requires general anesthesia, which can be risky for older patients who are at greater risk of complications like postoperative cognitive dysfunction.

Chiropractic care offers a non-surgical solution and can help you avoid hip replacement.

Chiropractic Care Options for Hip Pain

Chiropractors have a varied toolkit of techniques to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation of the joints, and improve mobility.

Spinal Adjustment

Spinal adjustment forms the basis of any chiropractic care plan. Also called spinal manipulation, this primary therapy consists of applying gentle but rapid force to subluxated vertebrae in the spine. This promotes alignment so that the spine can better support the body, alleviating pressure on the hips.

Joint Mobilization

Stiffness exacerbates joint pain. Manually mobilizing the joints keeps them limber. The patient may be asked to sit or lie on a chiropractic table while the chiropractor moves their limbs in different directions. Unlike rapid adjustments, mobilization concentrates on slow movements.

Soft Tissue Massage

Many joint-related disorders responsible for hip pain, like arthritis, are characterized by inflammation in the joints. Massage improves circulation, reducing inflammation and promoting soft tissue healing. Research shows that a chiropractic care plan, including massage, can be successful in alleviating pain.

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises focus on strengthening and stretching muscles that support the hips and pelvis. Strong muscles take the pressure off the hips. In addition to in-office exercises, a chiropractor can teach you exercises to do at home to maintain your everyday comfort.

Treat Your Hip Pain in Lake Mary, Florida

Heathrow Chiropractic of Lake Mary, FL, offers all of the above treatments. Doctors Mark W. Pegan, D.C., Michael Grocholski, and Lauren Sanderson are all licensed chiropractors and known for their compassionate and effective care.

We will help you avoid hip replacement. Call us today at our South Centre location at (780)-432-1400 or at our Summerside location at (780)-705-0991.

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